News & Announcements

News & Announcements

- Added Ingame Hiscore Plugin Fully Working

- Champers of Xeric Added And Fixed

- Zalcano Fully Added And Functional

- Corrected some npc's that didn't spawn there superior version when on task

- Fixed stackable item when using them (Boxes, keys)

- Corrupted hide is now tradeable (fixed)

- Bloodfury Amulet, no longer removes all charges when switching attack styles

- Imbued Ring of Wealth now picks up tooth's from slayer task

- Bonecrusher Now correctly scatters ashes

- Mount karuulm will no longer tick damage you for not wearing the boots of stone

- When imbuing items such as ring of recoil it will now return you to the spell book

- If you right click examine (Walker) or (Youngllef) you can view the drop tables for the global bosses

- Corrected some sexual pathing issues within the catacombs

- Small Cave Krakens no longer deal damage through Protect from Magic.

- Small Cave Krakens Vial of Water drop noted.

- Wilderness slayer cave is configured correctly now.

- Moved Dense essence teleport from Bossing teleports to Skilling teleports.

- fixed issue when making the new As-World set items.

- As-World whip is now (3 Kraken Tents, 3 whips & 500 shards).

- Blood fury you now lose the blood shard instead of the fury, when dismantling the blood fury you will lose the blood shard instead of getting the kit back.

- Vampyric Helm, Restores 15% of health, but doesn't lose any charges, it is a permanent item & has a 20% chance to proc.

- Blood fury restores 30% of damage dealt, and also has a chance of 20% to proc.

- v's shield now has the protection effect of mirror shield.

- Dragon Fire shield now works correctly.

- Pyramid plunder timer has been removed.

- Vote boss & Donation boss will now announce inside the Boss-events section on discord.